Monday, 27 January 2014

Singularity. A track using one guitar note and Melodyne software.

I've been amazed at Celemony's Melodyne software for years and try and use it in creative ways and not just as a pitch correction tool. It's so much more than that. It gives things a weird and interesting texture when you stretch notes for crazy amounts. I've used this to create pads before by slowing done tracks by 10 times and using the new strange but wonderful sound as the basis of something new.
I wanted to push this a bit further so I decided to create a piece using just one note from an acoustic guitar. In the end I recorded an open A string and a fretted A on the bottom E string and panned them so I had a stereo A.
I then put this into Melodyne and pitched it through a couple of octaves giving me 20 or so notes to play with.
Using Melodyne editor in it's standalone form I then set to work moving stretching and chopping notes up to create my piece. Here's what it looked like when I was finished.
 Click to listen to Singularity
As you can see I've used many different forms of my one note. I've played around with the formant of different notes to change the tone and also altered the levels of different notes with the gain tool.
As you can see here you can manipulate the notes in any way you like.
 Click to listen to Singularity
When I was done in Melodyne I exported a WAV file and brought it into Cubase for a bit of ambience and some level smoothing. There are some raw edges but I kind of like them and it adds to the atmosphere.
I think the finished piece has an interesting weird quality to it and will definitely be exploring this technique in the future.
Let me know what you think.


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